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11-28-2011, “New path to link Downtown districts,” El Paso Inc.

9-26-2011, “How the stacks will fall: Dynamite part of $8.8M effort to bring down Asarco icons,”

9-21-2011, “Asarco Smokestack in El Paso Bites the Dust,” Albuquerque Journal

9-20-2011, “Second Smokestack Toppled at Asarco,” KVIA 7

9-05-2011, “Participate In San Jacinto’s Redesign,” City of El Paso

8-20-2011, “Condos in line for Downtown El Paso face-lift,” El Paso Times

8-19-2011, “ASARCO Ahead of Schedule; Stack Comes Down Early 2012,” KDBC 4

8-09-2011, “Demolition of Northpark Mall Will Begin Next Month,” KFOX 14

8-09-2011, “Solar Power Credit Passed In City Council Meeting,” KFOX 14

8-09-2011, “Can architecture school transform Downtown?,” El Paso Inc.

7-24-2011, “El Paso officials have options for rail line plans,” El Paso Times

7-18-2011, “East El Paso Gets New Park,” KTSM 9

7-18-2011, “Asarco is disappearing; 30 percent of copper smelter demolished,” El Paso Inc.

7-14-2011, “Saving Luis Jimenez’ gators — El Pasoans won’t let go of a beloved city centerpiece,” Borderzine

7-12-2011, “Arts grant heads to El Paso: $25K from National Endowment for the Arts to help build Downtown path,” El Paso Times

7-12-2011, “Plan To Ease Congestion In West El Paso Gets Underway,” KFOX 14

7-12-2011, “PDNG pushes Downtown arena; County coliseum might have to go,” El Paso Inc.

7-01-2011, “El Paso cyclists respond to city bike ordinance,” Borderzine

6-29-2011, “Downtown El Paso Building to Get New Look,” KTSM 9

6-29-2011, “After Years Of Being Unreliable Sun Metro Wins National Recognition,” KFOX 14

6-28-2011, “How to Fix That Ugly Strip,” The New York Times

6-27-2011, “How El Paso is beating the worst drought in a generation,”

6-26-2011, “Strip center, shopping connectivity a problem,” El Paso Times

6-24-2011, “New Apartments in South-Central El Paso ‘Critical’ To Downtown Development,” KVIA-7

6-22-2011, “City reverses Landmark Commission, OKs hotel,” El Paso Times

6-21-2011, “High-End Hotel Coming To Downtown El Paso,” KFOX 14 

6-16-2011, “Grant Approved To Improve Bus Service,” KFOX 14

6-14-2011, “El Paso land trust wins major grants,” El Paso Inc.

6-12-2011, “Billy Abraham’s grand plan: Caples Square project is developer’s olive branch to City Hall,” El Paso Times

6-09-2011, “‘Smart growth,’ water savings are linked,” El Paso Times

6-08-2011, “Official: Local water supplies best used with efficient growth,” El Paso Times

6-07-2011, “El Paso land trust wins major grants,” El Paso Inc.

6-07-2011, “FEMA halts flood map process,” El Paso Inc.

6-07-2011, “City’s new plan: discourage Eastside growth; PSB head says it’s about water,” El Paso Inc.

5-31-2011, “The City of El Paso Museum and Cultural Affairs Department Launches Competitive Funding Program for Downtown Events,” Dallas Art News

5-31-2011, “Aldea project woos tenants, builders,” El Paso Inc.

5-27-2011, “City of El Paso Passes Resolution to Adopt CNU/ITE’s Designing Walkable Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach,” CNU Monthly Review

5-26-2011, “Despite drought, no water shortage in El Paso,” El Paso Inc.

5-26-2011, “We must save our historic buildings,” El Paso Inc.

5-26-2011, “Q and A with Providencia Velazquez Historic Preservation Officer,” El Paso Inc.

5-18-2011, “Mayor Touts Accomplishments in Annual Address,”

5-17-2011, “Special Report: Solar Energy in El Paso,” NBC7

5-17-2011, “City Council Approves Smart Code Neighborhood for EP’s West Side,”

5-17-2011, “City Approves $22 Million in Rebates for Smart Growth Development,” NBC7

5-15-2011, “In Recovery: El Paso businesses see mixed results, but retail forecasts are promising,” El Paso Times

5-15-2011, “El Paso: the city hears the first battle cries in America’s explosive immigration debate,” The Guardian

5-12-2011, “Brookings transit, work study rates El Paso near top,” El Paso Times

5-11-2011, “Cyclists: Despite few bike lanes, El Paso still safe (just stay off Mesa),” Whats Up

5-11-2011, “Tougher meter enforcement part of Downtown El Paso plan,” El Paso Times

5-03-2011, “More Parking Slated for Downtown El Paso,” NBC7

4-05-2011, “New urbanism: Interest building in urban living, though it’s in early stages in El Paso,” El Paso Times

3-24-2011, “Fort Bliss to sell land for housing,” El Paso Times

3-22-2011, “Asarco arroyo: Hope it can be revitalized,” El Paso Times

3-20-2011, “New rules about vacant buildings; Ordinance takes effect but enforcement is slow,” El Paso Inc.

3-08-2011, “Going to school: ‘Alternative transportation’,” El Paso Times

2-22-2011, “Paths to success: Florida firm helps El Paso be bike-friendly,” El Paso Times

2-20-2011, “Dejar los Autos Y Usar Bici El Posible en EP?,” El Diario: El Paso

2-20-2011, “200,000 more live in East El Paso neighborhoods,” El Paso Times

2-15-2011, “Plan El Paso: Project of the Month,” Urban Lovers Newsletter: A Vision of Europe

2-15-2011, “Paso Lawmakers Introduce Parks District Bill,” News Channel 9

2-15-2011, “Federal Money Earmarked for Transit in El Paso,” News Channel 9

2-15-2011, “Budget Crisis Presents Options for El Paso,” News Channel 9

2-13-2011, “Zones of growth: East, West sides of city see biggest expansion,” El Paso Times

2-12-2011, “Residents Plan El Paso’s Future,” KFOX14 News

2-12-2011, “Chris Lopez: Growth of El Paso on right track,” El Paso Times

2-03-2011, Bus Plan: Success Becoming Evident, El Paso Times

1-20-2011, “Could El Paso become a model of thoughtful smart growth planning?,” Switchboard: NRDC Staff Blog

1-17-2011, “The Plan For El Paso Unveiled,”  kFoxtv Online

1-12-2011, ” ‘Smart’ design would contain sprawl in El Paso,” El Paso Times

1-09-2011, “Apartment boom in El Paso continues,” El Paso Times

1-09-2011, “Pending state budget cuts could hurt El Paso most,” El Paso Times

1-09-2011, “11 El Pasoans to watch in 2011,” El Paso Times

1-02-2011, “El Paso’s faded corridors: Officials hope new city plan will revitalize roads,” El Paso Times

12-12-2010, “Too many hotels?: Operators wonder if new inns will hurt El Paso market,” El Paso times

12-11-2010, “Profit Outweighs Risk in Juarez Factories,” The New York Times

12-11-2010, “Mexico-bound traffic may face customs checks,” El Paso Times

12-09-2010, “New life: Houston Elementary will reopen as Sunset High,” El Paso times

12-08-2010, “Student plea for traffic lights was already heard,” El Paso Times

11-18-2010, “City moves to clear Downtown, Northeast blight,” El Paso Times

11-11-2010, “Plan El Paso focuses on streets, redevelopment,” New Urban Network

11-10-2010, “Students weigh in on how city can redevelop meighborhood,” El Paso Times

11-10-2010, “City planning: Public asked to participate,” El Paso Times

11-09-2010, “Q and A with Monica Perales Stories from Smeltertown,” El Paso Inc.

11-09-2010, “Byrd stirs the Transmountain pot Federal highway officials come for talks about $85 M freeway,” El Paso Inc.

11-09-2010, “City approves Boeing tax breaks O’Rourke: Incentives are race to the bottom,” El Paso Inc.

11-08-2010, “How El Paso, Texas dodged the recession,”

11-05-10, “City to seek input on Lower Valley, East Side plainning,” El Paso Times

11-02-10, “No money to clean up slag on Asarco,” El Paso Inc.

10-19-2010, “Pittard assesses the state of the military,” El Paso Inc.

10-19-2010, “Boulevard or toll road? What kind of road should cross Asarco site,” El Paso Inc.

10-16-2010, “City planner to talk about Downtown plan at meeting today,” El Paso Times

10-12-2010, “El Paso Project Promises To Bring Different Downtown Concept,”

10-11-2010, “After the planning charettes Draft report calls for big changes in local development,” El Paso Inc.

10-06-2010, “Draft report calls for big changes in El Paso,” New Urban Network

8-22-2010, “Asarco’s costly aftermath: Cleanup first, then long-term planning,”

8-12-2010, “Letters: Asarco Land,” El Paso Times

8-5-2010, “Smart Growth: Westside project holds promise,” El Paso Times

8-4-2010, “Apartments’ zoning follows ‘smart growth’,” El Paso Times

7-30-2010, Rogue Campaign Promoting Trolley System,

7-8-2010, “Transit corridors: Seek investors to boost economy,” El Paso Times

7-4-2010, “El Pasoans see historic value in Asarco smelter landmark,”

7-2-2010, “Smokestack preservation cost estimate: 10s of millions,”

6-30-2010, “El Paso Debates Fate of Smelter Site,” Wall Street Journal

6-28-2010, “Inside Asarco: El Paso Inc. gets exclusive tour of El Paso’s former industrial giant,” El Paso, Inc.

6-23-2010, “Hands-On Workshops for ASARCO Site Design Continue,” El Paso Times

6-23-2010, “Go Ahead Make My Day,” El Paso Naturally

6-20-2010, “Victor Dover: Take part in plan to improve El Paso,” El Paso Times

6-20-2010,” Ideas for Asarco site development gathered at design session,”

6-19-2010, ” The Future of Arsarco,”  NBC Channel 9 KTSM

6-19-2010, “Hands-on design sessions for Asarco today,” El Paso Times

6-13-2010, “Streetcar return? At least talk about it,” El Paso Times

6-6-2010, “Charrette schedule: Share your thoughts on what to do with the Asarco site,” El Paso Times

6-3-2010, “6 meetings to gather ideas on Asarco plan,” Las Cruces Sun News

6-2-2010, “EDITORIAL: Asarco land: Planners aim to involve El Pasoans,”

6-1-2010, “Public invited to planning ‘charettes’ for Asarco,” El Paso Inc

6-2-2010, “Public will have say on what to do with Asarco,” Trading

5-31-2010, “Crecimiento dependerá de planeadores de Florida,” El Diario

5-30-2010, “Study looks at how mass transit spurs new business,” El Paso Times

5-28-2010, “Asarco opinions sought: Planners want El Paso’s best ideas for land use,” El Paso Times

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