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Plan El Paso Comprehensive Plan Unanimously Approved

Copies of the Plan Available Online

Plan El Paso was unanimously approved by the El Paso City Council in March of 2012. To download the plan for free, click HERE. To view Zoning Maps, click HERE. To order a hardcopy of the plan from the on-line publisher click on the buttons below which say, “Lulu Buy Now” The City of El Paso welcomes comments. Send comments to Carlos Gallinar, Comprehensive Plan Manager

East Side Plan Town Paper

Read the East Side Plan Town Paper to learn more about the Plan for El Paso.  The Town Paper includes articles about planning for livable cities, background on the project, and essential information about how you can help to Plan El Paso.  The Town Paper will be included in many subscribed newspapers this Sunday, October 31st. 

Click on the image below to read a digital version of the Town Paper.  Please note that the Town Paper advertises a Work-in-Progress Presentation for Wednesday, November 16th- the text should read Tuesday, November 16th.

Planning for East-Central, East Side & Mission Valley areas of the City Begins with a Charrette in November

The charrette is an intense, multi-faceted method of public involvement which allows the public stakeholders to come together to plan the East Side’s future growth and evolution.  Join us during the following days:

Kick-Off Meeting               

5:30PM to 8:00PM  Thursday, November 4

Bel Air High School, 731 N Yarbrough Drive

Introduction presentation to the project with an overview of planning principles and Q & A session

Hands-On Design 1: East-Central & Eastside

9AM to 1PM  Saturday, November 6

Eastwood High School, 2430 Mcrae Boulevard

Work alongside your community to draw your vision for the east side of the City. This is a family-friendly event- bring your children! Refreshments will also be available.

“A Brief History of Built America”

6:30PM  Tuesday, November 9

1700 N. Zaragoza, Suite 153-154 (Zaraplex Shopping Center)

Lecture on American Urbanism by James Dougherty, Director of Design, Dover, Kohl & Partners

Hands-On Design 2: Mission Valley

5:30PM to 8PM  Wednesday, November 10

Ysleta High School, 8600 Alameda Avenue

Work alongside your community to draw your vision for the Mission Valley area. This is a family-friendly event- bring your children! Refreshments will also be available.

Design Studio & Technical Meetings

9AM to 7PM  November 8 to November 12 and 15

1700 N. Zaragoza, Suite 153-154 (Zaraplex Shopping Center)

Stop by the studio to talk with the design team and provide input as the plans evolve

Open House

1PM to 5PM  Saturday, November 13 

1700 N. Zaragoza, Suite 153-154 (Zaraplex Shopping Center)

The planning team will pin up their work for discussions with the public. At 3PM, attendees are invited to participate in a focus group, tasked with evaluating the draft plans and policies of the Comprehensive Plan using keypad polling. Refreshments will be available. 

Work-In Progress Presentation

5:30PM to 8:00PM  Tuesday, November 16

Riverside High School, 301 Midway Drive

A presentation of work completed by the team during the charrette

Comprehensive Planning Process Begins

A community driven effort to rewrite the City’s Comprehensive Plan is underway, giving the citizens of El Paso the opportunity to decide what the future of the City will look like. The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s guiding document to direct capital improvements, evaluate development projects, guide public policy and ensure that the City of El Paso is the city its residents want it to be. The plan identifies goals, objectives and policies that will enhance the City’s quality of life, respect its natural environs, and support complementary economic growth and development.

Comprehensive Plans are living documents which need to be maintained, updated, and periodically rewritten. The most recent Comprehensive Plan, now a decade old, no longer adequately addresses the new challenges that the City will face in the coming years. As Fort Bliss continues to expand faster than any other Army post in the country, the City is taking the appropriate steps to align its long-range planning documents with the anticipated addition of new troops, their families, and support staffto El Paso. At the same time the City continues to grow steadily with in-migration from Mexico and other places of the country that recognize El Paso as a choiceworthy place to live and do business.     

Municipalities across the country use Comprehensive Plans to establish public policy regarding transportation, utilities, land use, recreational facilities, and housing.  El Paso has a history of being at the forefront of city planning. The 1925 City Plan for El Paso, by noted planner and landscape architect George Kessler, is one of the earliest Comprehensive Plans in the country and laid out a vision for the City’s future. Much of the 1925 plan is responsible for shaping the City as we know it today, just as the new Comprehensive Plan will shape the future of El Paso for decades to come.   

Unlike the creation of the 1925 Plan the latest plan will include local charrettes. During the charrette the public works alongside professional planners, economists, transportation engineers, economists and illustrators over the course of two weeks as part of an open design studio to create the plan. The ideas generated will be discussed with local government representatives, state agencies, property owners, members of the development community and other stakeholders to gain feedback and insure that the plan is a consensus document that will be ready to be implemented upon adoption.   

 As the next chapter of El Paso’s history unfolds, the involvement of its citizens is instrumental in creating a successful new long-range plan. The upcoming two week comprehensive planning charrette will focus on the East Side and Mission Valley.    Multiple public events are designed to inform the community about the planning challenges and options, while giving the planning team insight into the El Paso of the future that citizens envision.  A second part of the Comprehensive Plan’s public involvement process is scheduled for early next year and will focus on the Fort Bliss, Northeast, Northwest, and Central areas of the City.

 The planning for the ASARCO Plant and TOD sites is the first part of a larger planning process for the City.  Two other two-week charrettes shall be scheduled to assist in the creation of a Comprehensive Plan update for the City.  The charrettes are scheduled for the Fall of 2010 and Winter of 2011 with specific dates and times to be announced.  More information on the Comprehensive Plan process shall be forthcoming.

The planning process will be led by the nationally recognized town planning firm of Dover, Kohl & Partners.  Working with a team of experts in a wide range of fields, the multi-disciplinary planning team will translate the goals and visions established during the charrette into a set of strategies for implementation of the Plan, to be adopted in late 2011.  The citizens of El Paso will be able to keep updated on the progress of the ongoing efforts on the website

Use Our Nifty Suggestion Map!

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by the charrette studio or the public meetings, or if you just have an idea you want the project team to know about, check out our interactive google suggestion map. Here you will be able to share comments, questions and suggestions with the project team via an interactive google map – simply zoom in on a location on the map you want to comment on and click. A red balloon will pop up which you can adjust to your location and report your comment. A running list of the comments submitted will be shown to the right.

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