Project Timeline

Project Schedule

May 2010 – September 2010


April-May 2010

During Phase 1, Dover, Kohl & Partners will work with the City to design the public participation process, and kick-off the project by using public outreach and mass media to build excitement for the Charrette.  This phase will include a team visit to El Paso to meet with City Staff, City Council, the Custodial Trustee for the former ASARCO property, Sun Metro representatives, and key stakeholders, and to conduct on-site analysis.  Phase 1 will include the compilation and review of all relevant information, including environmental studies of the site, previous planning studies, and the recently adopted citywide SmartCode.  A physical framework, economic, infrastructure, and transportation analysis of the City will be conducted during this phase.


June 2010:  June 17-June30

Phase 2 is centered around a twelve-day Charrette held on-site in El Paso.  The Dover-Kohl team will travel to El Paso to lead the Charrette.  Public meetings, a hands-on public design session, interviews, and technical meetings will be used to quickly engage the community and give ample opportunity for group participation, as well as individual input into the plan.  Multiple hands-on design sessions will be held to bring the community together to plan the future of the four study areas.  Interactive techniques such as keypad polling (in which participants use handheld electronic keypads to respond to evaluate plans or policies and project instantaneous graphs in powerpoint) and surveys will be used throughout the Charrette to keep the community involved and informed on each evolving plan.

This intense, multi-faceted method of public involvement will allow stakeholders to come together to plan key steps in the development of the former ASARCO property and the three Transit-Oriented Development sites.  The Hands-on Design Sessions will provide participants with the opportunity to interact with differing perspectives, allowing issues to be quickly identified and resolved and creating a strong foundation for building community consensus.  During the Charrette the Dover-Kohl team will use the public input received to shape the plan, illustrations, and the Form-Based Code for each property.  By working quickly in public, the team can obtain immediate feedback on plan proposals, ensuring community support and plan feasibility.

The Charrette will consist of the following events: Kick-off Presentation, a Hands-on Design Session, Open Design Studio, an Open House, Technical Meetings, and a Work-in-Progress Presentation.  The Dover-Kohl team will produce the following deliverables while on Charrette: an Illustrative Plan and illustration for each property as it evolves over time, a change-over-time computer visualization for each property, a Draft Transportation Memo, and a Draft Economic Analysis Study, and Infrastructure recommendations.


July 2010

The compact, high-energy format of the charrette is designed to make major advances towards the creation of the Plans and Codes for the former ASARCO Property and the Transit-Oriented Development sites.  A vision for these areas, designed in public, will emerge during the charrette.  After the charrette the Dover-Kohl team will return to their home offices to refine the charrette work products, assemble a summary Report, create a customized Form-Based Code for each property, and propose Future Land Use Map designations for the project areas.


August 2010

In Phase 4 of the project, the team will work with the City of El Paso to review, revise, and present the work products for the Plan and Code for the former ASARCO Property and the Transit-Oriented Development sites.  Dover, Kohl & Partners will assemble, edit and submit a draft Report and Form-Based Code to the City for review.  This submission will include all text, diagrams, illustrations, and maps.  The Dover-Kohl team will work with the City to refine and revise the Plan and Code prior to the Adoption Meetings.  The Dover-Kohl team will travel to El Paso for a series of four Adoption Meetings.

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